Why our games are offline

From today (1st May 2018) ScienceAtHome will be making many of our games unavailable to download. This is a temporary measure to enable us to conform to the new European GDPR data laws to be enforced on the 25th May 2018.

Over the last few months, ScienceAtHome has been working hard to completely rebuild our data and user management set up, including the way we manage all the data collected from our games.

This has been a big task. To enable us to comply with GDPR we have to rebuild all of our games and for a relatively small team that’s something we have to manage over a staggered period.

Compared to other commercial game companies and organizations that hold similar amounts of data our resources are limited. As we take the management and security of our user's data seriously we have to take some hard decisions on the availability of our games. Hence the decision to turn the games off for the time being while we add the new data and user management functionality to each product.

In early May 2018, we will be releasing our most ambitious project to date, Skill Lab: Science Detective with the new data and user management built in. This will be the start of a scheduled release of updated versions of many of our games including Quantum Moves and Turbulence.

We hope you will stick with us during this period and we look forward to sharing our newest game with you soon. If you have any further questions about the availability of any of our games just email our support team on support@scienceathome.org

Thanks again for your support.

The ScienceAtHome team

Why our games are offline