Citizen science for teachers

Scientific games are a great way of engaging students in active learning. We are in constant contact with teachers and lecturers around the world and our games have been introduced to many educational settings with great success.

Quantum physics and games in the classroom

Can functions be fun?

Visiting Grenaa HTX

In fact, much of our early testing has been done by getting whole high-school classes to play our games!

ScienceAtHome has a dedicated didactics team whose goal is to revolutionize teaching by bringing educational games to the classroom. Please follow Game Based Education to test our game-based learning tracks, designed to teach high school and university students about energy, differentiation and basic quantum mechanics.

Besides our learning tracks, the games found here can be used as a part of a normal science lesson—or as an extra-curricular activity, as a class of students at the University of Virginia did, by playing Quantum Minds for extra credit here –Why students in United States are playing Quantum Minds

We are happy to share our previous experiences of educational activities and to provide further material for planning a lesson around one of our citizen science games. We are also very eager to hear about your experiences in using our games in teaching, so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further discussions!

Mads K. Pedersen

Coordinator of Data Science
For Teachers