Remote optimization of an ultracold atoms experiment by experts and citizen scientists

Robert HeckOana VuculescuJens Jakob SørensenJonathan ZollerMorten G. AndreasenMark G. BasonPoul EjlertsenOttó ElíassonPinja HaikkaJens S. LaustsenLærke L. NielsenAndrew MaoRomain MüllerMario NapolitanoMads K. PedersenAske R. ThorsenCarsten BergenholtzTommaso CalarcoSimone Montangero, and Jacob F. Sherson.


Leaderboard effects on player performance in a citizen science game

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Knowledge Formation and Inter-Game Transfer With Classical and Quantum Physics

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Exploring the Quantum Speed Limit with Computer Games

Jens Jakob W. H. Sørensen, Mads Kock Pedersen, Michael Munch, Pinja Haikka, Jesper Halkjær Jensen, Tilo Planke, Morten Ginnerup Andreasen, Gajdaczslav Gajdacz, Klaus Mølmer, Andreas Lieberoth, Jacob F. Sherson, and Quantum Moves players


Play or Science? A Study of Learning and Framing in Crowdscience

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Well Played

Getting Humans to do Quantum Optimization: User Acquisition, Engagement and Early Results from the Citizen Cyberscience Game Quantum Moves

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Game-based Research Collaboration Adapted to Science Education

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