Free Friday visitors

At ScienceAtHome we are still keeping our tradition of Free Fridays. In the morning we all meet up together for a cup of coffee and cake. We set up an internal rotation of our groups presenting their respective field and what are they currently working on. This way we are up-to-date with all the excitement happening in our ever-growing team.

Every now and then, these Fridays are spiced up with external guests and collaborators. On this special Friday, on the 8th December, two special visitors honored us with their presence and brief talk: Marisa Ponti, Assistant Professor in the Division of Learning, Communication and IT, a returning collaborator and Gerd Kortemeyer, Associate Professor of Physics.

We are having an on-going collaboration with Marisa Ponti who came to us today from Sweden, from the University of Gothenburg, Department of Applied Information Technology. She conducted and analyzed interviews together with Carlos Mauricio Díaz, our postdoctoral researcher, about the user experience of Quantum Moves. We are delighted to welcome Marisa among us again!

Gerd Kortemeyer visited us for the first time from the Michigan State University. Dr. Kortemeyer's research focuses on postsecondary STEM education in general, and physics education research in particular. Today he presented us two games he is working on: A Slower Speed of Light and Kirchoff’s Revenge. Both games impressed us both visually and because of the fascinating connection to science. We are looking forward to finding out more from Gerd!

Patricia from ScienceAtHome


Free Friday visitors