New addition to the team!

The campus of Aarhus University, Science at Home’s headquarter, earlier this summer:
The temperature slightly rose, the sun was shining, and the queue in the canteen diminished day by day. Slowly, the campus changed and the whole city shifted into the summer spirit. And while some of us dreamt about the future holiday destination and sunny beaches, two girls took the plunge and said “hello” to their new exciting work adventure.


The whole summer, ScienceAtHome kept us busy and it is now time for the introductions since we will be the voice, ears and eyes pointed at you – players and readers. Serving as a bridge between you and the rest of our wonderful team of theoretical scientists, experimental researchers, as well as web and game developers, our main goal is to keep on improving your experience as gamers. Making this website a fun, instructive and interactive online space is a task we will for sure commit to.

Maelle: Originally from France, the world is my playground. Rather curious, I love to learn about other cultures, I love speaking foreign languages and therefore, I can go a bit crazy about linguistics, which I am currently studying. I would describe myself as being really enthusiastic and a bit of a dabbler. I usually keep myself busy reading neuroscience books, learning about computers or my cat’s extreme kindness. What do I love about the project? The fact that it connects scientists and people from all backgrounds.

AukseI am a 26 y. o. Lithuanian trying to comprehend Danish culture and conquer new horizons in the academic field. Currently, I am studying Human Security at Aarhus University. I think what truly defines me is a childish curiosity about everything around me–from literature and politics to science and beyond. I decided to join because I was fascinated by project’s potential and devotion to the public. I truly believe it makes learning and research more fun and more accessible.

And it goes without saying that we are more than looking forward to getting to know you!


New addition to the team!