Physics Reimagined meets ScienceAtHome

Julien Bobroff, the founder of Physics Reimagined visited our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark. His research group is located in Paris, France, at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides (University Paris-Sud and CNRS). They are working on new ways of presenting solid state physics and recent discoveries to a larger public which goes hand in hand with our goals.

Julien used to do physics research for twenty years before he decided to challenge himself in different ways and created a small group to teach physics. It’s not a traditional group to teach physics, but they aimed to revolutionize the very strictly formal French science education where students have only a little freedom and the whole process lacks creative thinking.

Physics Reimagined is a group consists of physicists, creative artists, and designers. They work together a lot with students and freelance artists on a temporary basis in order to create tools for physicists to teach and communicate science in an enjoyable and spectacular way. Enhance learning experience, raise scientific interest and bring science to a broader audience are all fundamental goals. The tools and methods designed for school education are usually easy to use and implement for teachers without investing in expensive tools.

One of the many astonishing tools from Physics Reimagined is the Physics Circus which is a small circus, displaying one of the most amazing quantum effects: the superconductivity. In between a muppet show and a physics demonstration, Physics Circus can be used by science explainers and museums, researchers, or teachers to engage the public with quantum physics.

The video well represents the creativity of the group by the funny figure of the bird and the unusual style of the music for a science-related video. These features are essential for popularizing science. Physics Reimagined also offers many posters and cards to download for free and used in an educational setting, such as the Quantum Tales. The project has six series of cards, each of them including nine individual cards, telling the history of a scientific discovery.

Julien Bobroff spent a couple of days with our team to get to know each other and each other’s work to see if there is some common ground for us to collaborate on future project. We are looking forward to have more discussions and hopefully strengthening our projects with each other’s skills.

Patrícia from ScienceAtHome


Physics Reimagined meets ScienceAtHome