Quantum Game Jam keynote speaker

Only three days to go!

We think it’s about time to reveal some of the aces up our sleeves, we are very happy to announce that on September 18th you will get the opportunity to meet the one and only–Allan Kirkeby, the CEO of Unity Studios ApS.

For those who are puzzled by our excitement, Unity Studios ApS is an Aarhus-based company producing real-time interactive 3D solutions. You may also know it as a sister company of Unity Technologies. Allan Kirkeby is one of the people introducing us, mere mortals, to the potential of virtual and augmented realities, and ability to comprehend data in completely new and entertaining ways. Interactive installations, simulations, data visualizations and of course games are all on the menu.

This Friday, Allan will tell you how the early demo scene shaped the development of the game industry in Denmark. The demo scene was a place where gamers could show their creativity and technical skills by creating a short demo–version games. This platform gave birth to a lot of talented game developers today. In fact, the atmosphere at the demo scene was very similar to the one you find today in game jams. The technology has changed a lot, since then, but these kinds of gatherings still attract a very special group of people.

Anyhow, let’s leave this subject to the man who truly deserves the title of a Danish game industry veteran. Allan Kirkeby will give his talk on Friday (September 18th), 18:00. Good news is – everybody is invited! So, even if you are not planning to take the quantum game jam challenge, you are still more than welcome to join us at Ny Munkegade, Building 1525 (2nd floor), 8000 Aarhus C and get inspired.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you still have 2 days to do so: bit.ly/1ibVmfz

See you all on Friday!




Quantum Game Jam keynote speaker