A big thank you to our dedicated players

The new iteration of the cognitive map in Skill Lab: Science Detective was able to be developed further after the contribution of our early players. We believe it’s time to honor the ones who stayed truly committed in the first iteration of Skill Lab: Science Detective.

We’ve recently sent out certificates to some of our highly dedicated players who went through all parts of the game in its initial phase to thank them for their contribution. The feedback from players made it possible for us to adjust the game to create a clearer visualization of your cognitive skills. We thank the players who kept playing in the beginning even though it was a challenge back then to get through the storyline and without anything to keep track of the progress.

We constantly work on possible changes to our games that can create more interest in them. A growing number of players who take up the challenge to complete everything within the game is exactly what we need to develop new scientific findings. We, therefore, encourage our other players to keep playing and to work through all parts of the game. The validation tasks at the end of the game are valuable to our research to confirm our results from the game with known psychological experiments. Furthermore, it also serves as a way to calibrate the model we use for the estimations of the cognitive map.

To become a dedicated player of Skill Lab: Science Detective you need to play through all the mini-games, complete the validation tasks, fill out the questionnaire and your ScienceAtHome User Profile. You can follow your progress through the game in the progress bar. We hope to see even more in the future.

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A big thank you to our dedicated players