What’s new on Scienceathome.org?

During the past few months, our team has been working on a secret mission to drastically improve our website. We have migrated the whole website over to a new platform which will allow us to keep on improving the website experience for our users.

While a lot of this developers’ magic stays behind the scenes, let's talk about the things you ARE going to notice! And who is a better person to talk to than our web developer, Timo. Timo joined our team recently. Since he arrived he’s been involved in some serious development work such as the Alice experiment (in Austin and online) and the scienceathome.org  website.

So, Timo, what is there to see in the new site?

T: Well first of all, once you visit our homepage you will immediately notice a difference in the main menu bar–we have a new section dedicated entirely to Games. Previously, all the games were situated under “Citizen Science” and were quite difficult to find, but not anymore!

T: Secondly, our blog is finally integrated into our website, which means no more pop-up screens. Instead, there is easy navigation back and forward. In general, the website now has an improved navigational structure which is more logical and hierarchical. The styling and formatting in the entire website were overhauled for the overall consistency.

What can we expect to see in the near future?

T: One of the ideas we are working on is how to create a functional user experience throughout the website. So, there will definitely be some changes to be made. With regard to the content, you can expect to see more articles on our new projects and people behind them. As for the rest, you will have to wait and see!

We can’t wait!
So, what do you think about our new features?


What’s new on Scienceathome.org?