Chasing the dream of quantum computing

This game helps our research in:

  • Optimal control of atoms.
  • Building foundation for Quantum Technology.
  • Human intuition in combination with optimization algorithms.

This game is no longer available. If you wish to contribute to our research in this area you can download Quantum Moves 2.

Help Krotov by moving atoms to energy gates. The atoms will appear in the middle of the screen and it is your job to transport them with careful and steady motions. Krotov reacts to your mouse moves. When an atom overlaps with the gates, you gain more fuel and generate energy. As long as you have energy, your score will increase and Krotov will keep on dreaming!

Quantum Dreams is based on the gameplay of the first ScienceAtHome game Quantum Moves. The dreamland was created to put the original game in motion and spark a sense of flow. Go with the flow and dream the quantum dream! If you find Quantum Dreams challenging, try playing a few practice rounds with Quantum Moves to warm up!

How to play: Use careful, deliberate motions to move atoms to the energy gates that appear on your dream track. Be careful not to spill the atom! If the atom reaches the side of the screen, you will lose it until a new one appears. You can think of the atom as a kind of liquid—if you move it too abruptly, it will slosh about and escape the trap.

Track your energy level by looking at at the bottom of the screen and keep an eye on your score at the top right of the screen.

Delivering an atom fast and securely will help us build a real quantum computer. Your moves are important and will generate the data that we need to build it in our lab!

Music credits:
Electro Cabello Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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