Beta version

Shaeema Z. Ahmed

PhD Student

In early 2019, a beta version of Quantum Moves 2 was launched. We hit the first big success with Quantum Moves in 2016 and it was our flagship game for a long time, powered by more than 250K players all over the world. Building up more science behind the game and in hopes of new findings, we are proudly announcing the beta version of Quantum Moves 2.

As the first step, we have already tested Quantum Moves 2 in a closed classroom setting at ReGAMECUP'18 in December 2018. We got an initial response which helped us further refine the science behind the game: how the challenges were incorporated in the game. Your gameplay in the beta version is an invaluable contribution to science and also help us on the path of constant improvement of the game interface which we aim to launch in its final state across all platforms by the end of 2019!

The primary highlight in Quantum Moves 2 that makes it original and differentiates it from the first version it that it's bi-directional regarding the human-computer relationship in optimizing solutions. It is also building upon the previous science challenges. Now the players are moving not only single atoms but also the Bose-Einstein Condensate, which is a large group of 700 Rubidium atoms at ultra-cold temperatures. The challenges in the game are based on cutting edge research problems in quantum computing and quantum matter-wave optics.

In comparison to the first version of Quantum Moves, there are many, highly-anticipated, new features. The players are able to control speed, replay solutions and a ghost feature. The latter means that players can get inspired by optimizer solutions, build a strategy on it or mimic certain behaviors. Your gameplay also helps us understand how useful and powerful these new features are.

Before playing, it is necessary to create an account with a username and password. We understand that this may not be convenient but we would like to collect the data around your gameplay and acknowledge you for your efforts. Hence, we need some basic information from you. Each and every contribution matters, even if you spend only five minutes on the game! Hope you are willing to join us on the journey of building Quantum Moves 2!

Beta version – Quantum Moves 2