Skill Lab

What's your gaming superpower? Challenge yourself with short games that test a variety of core gaming skills. If you enjoy playing fun little action and puzzle games, why not contribute to science while you play? High scores reveal your strengths and also create data for scientific analysis.

What's your gaming superpower?

Are you better than a chimpanzee in a memory game? Can you beat our high score in Tetris? How do you navigate the maze in Mazerunner?

Skill Lab is a collection of small games that challenge you in various different ways. Find out where your talents lie! Are you able to understand 3D objects easily? Do you have a great memory or an exceptionally fast reaction time?

While you have fun playing the Skill Lab games, we track your performance across a variety of tasks and map your core gaming skills. 

We want to know your strengths and weaknesses to better understand how this affects your performance in other games. Maybe having a good memory makes players rock the Alien Game? Is hand-eye coordination the basis for flying though Quantum Minds? We can't wait to find out!

All of this information will help us make your gaming experience better. We will also get crucial hints on how to make our players contribute to scientific problems more effectively. 

Please note that we can only analyse your performance across all of our games if you register as a user and sign in before playing!

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Alien Game

What we should think about when understanding how people solve complex problems?

Quantum Dreams

Glide through a world of classical computers, chasing the dream of quantum computing!

Skill Lab