Tower Builder

This game helps our research in:

  • Understanding what constitutes a well-balanced team
  • Creating a scientifically founded method for team-formation 
  • Understanding how optimal team formation is influenced by Entrepreneurial intent 

The goal in the game is to build a tower that is steady enough to reach the target. You do so by creating a steady base for the tower and by continuing to stabilize it as you go.

Your tower needs to maintain balance for a couple of seconds to complete the level. The levels increase in difficulty as you progress, where the goal points are higher to reach. When you play Tower Builder you also need to complete a survey. Together with your gameplay, this survey helps us research how to create a well-balanced team. Diverse teams have people with complementary skill sets that can be beneficial for solving complex tasks. However, it is often difficult to assess these skills before the teams have been formed. That is where Tower builder comes in to play.

The gameplay will give an indication to the level of a persons’ entrepreneurial traits. So, for example, you could be very strong on one parameter and medium-strong on another and weak on a third. This in-depth mapping of the level of your strengths and weaknesses are not easily assessed through self-reported surveys which is where the game really helps. The relative maps then provide a good overview that is used in the construction of teams or identifying weak spots in your own entrepreneurial profile.

If you are interested in getting to know your own personal profile and individual entrepreneurial trait strengths and weaknesses, go ahead and play Tower Builder.

About Tower Builder