Our dream is to allow everyone to do real scientific research and contribute to science by playing games






The game was born out of the dilemmas and questions the physics researchers
at Aarhus University confronted with when they took the challenge of building a 
quantum computer in the basement lab of the university.

Confident that human brain is able to do better than even the most advanced
computational machines available in the world, Jacob and his team decided to
create the "Quantum Moves" game and invite everyone to play and get
the chance to do front-line quantum physics research.


The idea behind the game is simple: every time you play, your mouse movements are simulating
the laser beams used in the real quantum lab to move the atoms onto the right pathways.

Your goal is to achieve the best scores in "QComp" and "Beat AI" labs, which translate the
most difficult scientific challenges, and thus help science make a step forward towards building a quantum computer.




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We know that your favorite game is down, but do not despair. We had some thinking to do about the direction in which we were going to take our project and we found  it. One of the decisions we made was that we wanted to improve the game- starting with the graphics and ending with adding more features to it.

So this is a sneak peak of what the game is probably going to look like. We say probably because it's is in the development stage and we will be releasing it by the end of this year. We're hoping you'll like the new and improved graphics. On the left, you have the older version of Quantum Moves- the Wiggle! Fast game, to be more accurate. We've been using the older version for teaching purposes but we can't wait to show you what we have in mind with our new version.

We knew what we wanted to do and all that was left was to decide how to do it. Atoms are replaced by the smoky purple atoms and well and the background will be changed to a 3D view. But we thought it'd be best if you guys see for yourselves.... and since we had a game on our hands, our developing team decided to go with a game development ecosystem- Unity. On top of migrating, we've changed the look and feel of the game*.

Just to put things a bit in perspective, we've put both version for you to decide on the improvements. We will soon need a lot of people to be beta-testers and try out the game. Coming soon in a blog post!                 

NewGame Atoms

Old version of QM







* Remember that this just a preview and certain thing might change.