Digital Science Days 2020


A video conference with researchers on an Antarctic research station? Learning from Germany’s best-known criminal biologist? Doing scientific puzzles and experiments together? You can join these and lots more!

ScienceAtHome is participating in Digital Science Days and you can too! Check out our three initiatives below.

19 Oct - 29 Nov

Participate in science - Play games!

Participation in science does not have to be difficult or time consuming. It can be brief and fun and can happen whenever you have a little spare time, for example through playing our online games! Interested in quantum physics? Or in being a science detective? You can do all that and more in our games! So, help us with our research by playing the games and have fun! Play anytime and anywhere!

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3 Nov at 10 CEST

Hybrid intelligence and the role of humans: Involving the public in exploring the boundaries of hybrid intelligence

Join this online session to learn more about and experience hybrid intelligence through our work at ScienceAtHome, where we explore how humans (yes, you!) and artificial intelligence can best work together. Director of Learning, Janet Rafner, gives an introductory talk before giving you the opportunity to become part of a hybrid intelligence system, interacting with artificial intelligence to explore human creativity! And you will be actively helping us with our research!
The session is on the 3rd of November at 10:00-12:00 CEST. 

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Learn more about hybrid intelligence at the Center for Hybrid intelligence website or watch the video below.

5 Nov at 10 CEST
10 Nov at 10 CEST
12 Nov at 10 CEST

The Quantum Trilogy: Introducing Quantum Technologies, Quantum Phenomena, and Quantum Mechanics through games and tools

A series of three events introducing participants to the quantum world in increasingly more complex ways. First, we will give a broad overview of quantum technologies, relating quantum awesomeness to gadgets and other tools that you may one day use in your daily life. From there, we will dive a bit deeper into what makes these technologies run. We will explain, through demonstrations, tools, and simulations, what makes the quantum world so fantastic. Finally, we will make quantum personal as we take you through a day in the life of a quantum researcher in our group, showing that quantum physicists are regular people just like you! From there, you will be able to contribute in your own way to quantum research by playing two games: one where you control quantum particles and one where you are put in charge of your own quantum research laboratory!

This event is divided into three sessions, ending with a play session after the last talk.
5/11 at 10.00-11.00. Talk: From quantum awesomeness to gadgets
10/11 at 10.00-11.00. Talk: Fantastic quantum technologies
12/11 at 10.00-11.00. Talk: Being a quantum physicist. Followed by you being able to play with quantum physics at 11.00-12.00

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Digital Science Days

Digital Science Days is a science festival for people of all ages to discover and learn about the world of science and technology. This year, due to the corona pandemic, Science Days is moving online, which means anyone can join without even having to get away from home and for free.

Digital Science Days