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Would you like to become part of an international team of programmers, academics, designers and games industry professionals collaborating to build a universe of citizen science games? Would you like to help build games and educational entertainment that aims at bringing science to the living room, and citizens to the science lab? Are you passionate about games, science and technology?

At ScienceAtHome we're a growing team. Come and join us.



Are you looking for an internship to kick-start your career? At ScienceAtHome we're open to fostering new talent, both scientific and creative. With numerous projects taking place, contact us to find out if your skills are a good match with ours.

Projects can be research internships, bachelors, and masters thesis projects. A bachelors or masters thesis project can be more independent and research-based whereas a research internship can be more task-based with closer guidance and supervision. Internships can range from 5-10 hours a week to full time.

All questions should be directed to: Janet Rafner, Director of Learning