CitSciMonth 2020

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In relation to Global Citizen Science Month, we arrange some special challenges for all citizen scientists out there. At specific times during April, we will open up access to play two multi-player games. Prepare yourself for our Urbanizer Challenge with up to 20 people in one game, and the Crystal Crop Fever Challenge with up to four people in a game!

We need to gather as many players at the same time as possible to make these challenges work, so feel free to share the event with your friends, classmates or colleagues. Even if you are already familiar with our other games, Urbanizer is not available through our public game site, so you have to join this challenge to play it! 

Urbanizer Challenge

By playing this game, you contribute to our understanding of how people make decisions in groups. Your participation is extremely important because, previously, researchers have been unable to study how people behave in groups, and they had to rely on studying how people act independently and then make assumptions about how this would translate to groups and teams.

Through your game playing, we can study individual behavior and group dynamics, as well as gamification for social science research and you’re helping pave the way for a radical new way of conducting social science!

The game will take about half an hour to play. Please have a look at the tutorial before joining the game. There may be a short wait at the beginning as enough players join the game - please be patient.

Challenge times - link will be available here only at these times!:

Friday, April 24th at 8-9pm CEST -  thank you for playing!

Saturday, April 25th at 8-9pm CEST - thank you for playing!

Sunday, April 26th at 8-9pm CEST - thank you for playing!


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CitSciMonth 2020