Project leader

Jacob F. Sherson

Project Leader, Associate Professor in Physics

Jacob is an established quantum physicist who has, amongst other achievements, set the world record for quantum teleportation. He founded ScienceAtHome to create an online gaming platform that democratizes science by turning scientific problems into engaging games. Now, with the help of gamers around the world, Jacob aspires to create a quantum computer and turn social science inside out with massive multiplayer games!

Group leaders

Louise Kindt

Head of Didactics

Louise has a Ph.D. in experimental ultra cold physics and a large didactics experience as a high school teacher. She is the project leader of all educational outreach and performs research within the learning process through game experience. She spends her free time being a mom and teaches her kids about quantum mechanics through our games.

Lars Kroll

Development Manager

Lars Kroll is a game developer with a background in Computer science. He works as a producer/ technical project lead, on all things Unity related, with special emphasis on Unity development. When Lars isn't helping out at Science At Home, he's making a game about zombies.

Jonathan Satchell

Design Director

Jonathan is responsible for developing the visual identity for ScienceAtHome. He has many years of experience as a designer and illustrator based in London. Jonathan has also managed digital & marketing teams in the not-for-profit and energy sectors both in the UK and Denmark.

Jens Jakob Sørensen

Head of Technical Development, PhD Student in Theoretical Physics

Jens Jakob is a PhD student in theoretical physics. Jens Jakob studies the problems, which are solved by the players in Quantum Moves and compares the players to numerical optimization algorithms. He also leads the development of the quantum simulation code behind the quantum games and works on bringing new and even crazier physics into the games. Jens Jakob also spends his time researching which new types of physics we can expect to observe in group's experiment in the basement.

Scientific staff

Robert Heck

Postdoctoral researcher in Experimental Physics

Robert is an experimental physicist and works as a postdoc at ScienceAtHome. At the moment, he is working mainly in the lab in order to run, extend and maintain the experiment. That means he is one of the guys creating the ultracold clouds of Rubidium atoms, taking the data and analysing it. Besides, he is also working on smaller theory projects.

Mads K. Pedersen

Head of Data Science

Mads is the Head of the Data Science unit at ScienceAtHome with a background in physics. He is studying how games can be used to investigate otherwise abstract and hard science, such as how humans formulate strategies to explore complex search problems.

Ottó Elíasson

PhD Student in Experimental Physics

Ottó is a PhD student in Physics, working mainly in the lab on the experiment itself. The lab work is to a great extent focused on maintaining and extending the running experiment, and then operating it. Besides, Ottó also does some theoretical work and communicates our science to the public.

Jens S. Laustsen

PhD Student in Experimental Physics

Jens did his bachelor project at ScienceAtHome and has continued afterwards as a Ph.D. student. His everyday work is operating and extending the experiment. When he is not in the basement there is a good chance that he is out climbing, or sitting in a kayak.

Oana Vuculescu

Social scientist/ data scientist

Oana is working on understanding how humans solve problems, why they can do some things better than algorithms and how can we design the problem-solving process (i.e. game) in such a way that humans find it easy and fun to solve some of the most complex problems currently out there.

Carlos M. Díaz

Postdoctoral researcher

Carlos is a polymath Colombian psychologist interested in media psychology, particularly about how playing video games influence our cognitive skills and vice versa. For this reason, he made a Ph.D. in the Learning Sciences studying the use of Scientific Reasoning in eSports. He is the cognitive assessor of SAH games and the current head behind Skill Lab. His aim is to improve how people learn and to unfold science to all people. In his free time, you can find him playing RPGs, board games, or crocheting amigurumi.


Anders Lund

Unity Developer

With a masters degree in computer interaction and an engaged interest in scientific advancement, the combination of game development and quantum physics is for Anders the perfect match. In his spare time coffee roasting, photographing and digital art are other projects he is equally passionate about.

Timo von Eitzen

Web Developer

Timo is our main web developer at ScienceAtHome. He has extensive experience working with front- & back-end and content management system development work. Timo loves working with PHP & JavaScript, enjoys developing REST APIs and is a MySQL database wizard, however his most important skill is that he likes to bake cakes.

Tonni Tingholm Kristensen Lund

Game Designer

Tonni has a background in character animation with experience in both traditional and digital artwork creation. He has directed short films with both 2D and 3D animations and has recently worked on his first 3D feature. Tonni has been working with ScienceAtHome to improve the visual aspects of our games, mostly working on Quantum Moves our flagship game.

Birk Skyum

IT Consultant

Birk is using his experience as a software engineering to assist us when new challenges arrive, and educated technical decisions have to be made. He can help us map out requirements and design solutions whether they involve cloud services, real-time synchronization, code testing, databases or software architecture. With a deep insight of modern development is he introducing tools and improving workflows to make our team more efficient.

Till Heinzel

Scientific Backend Developer

Till did his Master’s degree in theoretical physics with ScienceAtHome and got stuck. Having learned quite some programming through the scientific method (do stuff, see what happens), he is now the main developer on the numerical simulations underlying the games and theoretical research. His spare time is spent with books, overly complicated games and running.

MSc Students

Jesper Hasseriis Mohr Jensen

Master Student in Theoretical Physics

Jesper is a doing his Master's thesis in theoretical physics following his student helper employment. He works on building and maintaining the backend quantum physics and numerical optimization library, and how it communicates with the games. He gets really excited when he sees interactive and neatly visualized physics.

Project assistants

Patrícia Zsófia Tóth

Community Manager

Patrícia helps to strengthen ScienceAtHome social media presence and engage online communities. She is busy with developing the online marketing strategy, monitoring activities and creating content for all SoMe channels. After long working hours, she relaxes her mind with sport: heading straight to the nearest gym or ice rink.

Beata Biskupicova


Bea helps to push pixels around and her admiration for science, visualization, and technology makes it an easy fit for ScienceAtHome. You can see some of her work here.
In her free time, she likes to relax her mind somewhere in the mountains, but as living in flat Denmark makes that challenge hard - bouldering and picture hunting sound like equally good free time activities.

Toni V. Genov

Video Content Manager

Toni is responsible for creating video content for ScienceAtHome on a weekly basis. He has experience producing and directing music videos, event aftermovies and promotional videos for companies all around Denmark. His main goal as a video content manager is to create fun and engaging scientific videos for the wider audience.


Andreas Lieberoth

Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology and Media Psychology

Andreas studies the psychology of play, games and gamification as well as the more general effects that media use can have on people. His knowledge and ideas have been involved in the development of many games, which he tests the impact of using a variety of techniques from psychological testing and behaviour data to eye tracking technology.

Andrew Mao

Postdoc at Microsoft Research

Andrew is a computational and experimental social scientist interested in using citizen science to push the boundaries of research on collective behavior. While working with ScienceAtHome, he's become a budding physicist too. He also loves cooking, specifically roasting chickens and baking sourdough bread, as well as tinkering with gadgets, playing table tennis, skiing, and scuba diving.

Carsten Bergenholtz

Associate Professor at Department of Management

Carsten is a social scientist, studying how humans individually and in collaboration with others search for information and solve problems. Within experimental social science, there is often a focus on studying how individuals solve fairly simple problems, while Carsten is interested in how citizen scientists can solve very complex physics problems, such as cooling down atoms or moving quants.

Jana Jarecki

Research fellow at the Economic Psychology Lab at the University Basel, Switzerland.

Research fellow at the Economic Psychology Lab at the University Basel, Switzerland.

Klaus Mølmer


Klaus Mølmer is a theoretical physicist and co-founder of the ScienceAtHome project–when it could still fit in a shoe box. Klaus develops solutions for quantum computing and he is beginning to get both excited and nervous that the assistance from all the players will bring him and his theory colleagues out of business.

Janet Rafner

Master's degree candidate at the Niels Bohr Institute

Janet is a former US Fulbright Fellow and current master's degree candidate at the Niels Bohr Institute. She works at the intersection of physics, design, animation, visualization, and public science engagement. She bounces around between Aarhus, Copenhagen, the United States, and any place else with good music, good art and good physics.

Scott Leinweber

Computational Designer

Scott is a computational designer and creative technologist exploring the digital-physical dialog of craftsmanship today. He works with artists, product designers, and architects to realize projects as diverse as interactive art and sculpture, product design, video, information mapping, and architectural spaces. While all of these use technology, the end goal is always the human experience behind them.

Zoran Grujic

Professor of Mathematics, University of Virginia

Zoran Grujic
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
University of Virginia


ScienceAtHome alumni

Pinja Haikka

Former Head of Outreach, Postdoctoral Researcher in Theoretical Physics

Pinja got her PhD in theoretical quantum physics in Finland in and soon thereafter decided to move down south to enjoy warmer climates. She landed in Denmark (a small improvement!) and worked as the Head of Outreach and PR at Science At Home. Pinja spends her time doing physics research, data analysis and learning all about machine learning methods. Her perfect world is full of sun, coffee and cats.

Romain Müller

Postdoctoral researcher in Experimental Physics

Romain is a PostDoc, working in the lab and setting up the trapping and imaging of single atoms. This will open the doors towards interesting experiments using the quantum nature of ultracold Rubidium atoms. If he is not hiding from the sun in the basement where the experiment is located, he gets easily distracted by the Aarhusian life.

Mario Napolitano

Postdoctoral Researcher in Experimental Physics

Mario joined the experimental team in 2014 after he completed his PhD in the field of quantum metrology at the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona. He is worked on the imaging technique for the ultra-cold rubidium cloud, to achieve sensitive and nondestructive ways of probing the atoms at the level of their quantum fluctuations.

Aukse Tamosiune

Community Manager

Aukse is a Master student of Human Security at AU. Her main responsibility is making ScienceAtHome voice heard: together with her colleagues, she is working on marketing strategies, content creation, and social media management. When she is not working for ScienceAtHome, she shares her ideas as a freelance journalist and travels the world looking for "Little Prince" books in every foreign language.

Aske Thorsen

Former Research assistant in Experimental Physics, Master in Physics

Aske developed the control system called "ALICE" for the quantum computer experiment. The control system is made in Labview as an easy to learn and flexible solution to control more than hundred events that are required to cool the atoms in the experiment. A large part of his job was to program new control software to be added to ALICE in order to expand the capability of the experiment.