Project leader

Jacob is an experimental physicist and founded the ScienceAtHome project to get better performance out of his quantum computer experiment in the basements of Aarhus University. He quickly developed a passion to help allow researchers in all other fields to reap the benefits of the citizen science revolution.

Group leaders

Pinja got her PhD in theoretical quantum physics in Finland in and soon thereafter decided to move down south to enjoy warmer climates. She landed in Denmark (a small improvement!) and is now working as the Head of Outreach and PR at Science At Home. Pinja also spends her time doing physics research, data analysis and learning all about machine learning methods. Her perfect world is full of sun, coffee and cats.

Mads is head of the didactical unit at CODER with a master's degree in physics from Aarhus University. He is studying how games can be used to teach otherwise abstract and complicated science. Mads is also involved in the development and studies of games that investigates, how humans formulate and apply strategies to explore complicated optimization problems.

Jens Jakob is a PhD student in theoretical physics. Jens Jakob studies the problems, which are solved by the players in Quantum Moves and compares the players to numerical optimization algorithms. He also leads the development of the quantum simulation code behind the quantum games and works on bringing new and even crazier physics into the games. Jens Jakob also spends his time researching which new types of physics we can expect to observe in group's experiment in the basement.

Scientific staff

Aske is a research assistant. He has developed a control system called "ALICE" for the quantum computer experiment. The control system is made in Labview as an easy to learn and flexible solution to control more than hundred events that are required to cool the atoms in the experiment. A large part of his job is to program new control software to be added to ALICE in order to expand the capability of the experiment. When Aske is not working at the university, he is spending his time sailing and enjoying the nature around Aarhus.

Ottó is a PhD student in Physics, working mainly in the lab on the experiment itself. The lab work is to a great extent focused on maintaining and extending the running experiment, and then operating it. Besides, Ottó also does some theoretical work and communicates our science to the public.

Robert is an experimental physicist and doing his PhD at Aarhus University. At the moment, he is working mainly in the lab in order to run, extend and maintain the experiment. Which means he is one of the guys creating the ultracold clouds of Rubidium atoms, taking the data and analysing it. Besides, he is also working on smaller theory projects.

Romain is a PostDoc, working in the lab and setting up the trapping and imaging of single atoms. This will open the doors towards interesting experiments using the quantum nature of ultracold Rubidium atoms. If he is not hiding from the sun in the basement where the experiment is located, he gets easily distracted by the Aarhusian life.


Timo is our main web developer at ScienceAtHome. He has extensive experience working with front- & back-end and content management system development work. Timo loves working with PHP & JavaScript, enjoys developing REST APIs and is a MySQL database wizard, however his most important skill is that he likes to bake cakes.

Tonni has a background in character animation with experience in both traditional and digital artwork creation. He has directed short films with both 2D and 3D animations and has recently worked on his first 3D feature. Tonni has been working with ScienceAtHome to improve the visual aspects of our games, mostly working on Quantum Moves our flagship game.

Birk is using his insight in modern development to improve our workflows and data infrastructure. He helps us make educated technical decisions on the vast amount of platforms, databases and services available, so we use the right tools for the job. Apart from that is Birk using his scientific background in nanoscience to create reinforcment learning agents, utilizing deep neural network technology.

MSc Students

Student helpers

Aukse is a Master student of Human Security at AU. Her main responsibility is making ScienceAtHome voice heard: together with her colleagues, she is working on marketing strategies, content creation and social media management. When she is not working for Science At Home, she shares her ideas as a freelance journalist and travels the world looking for "Little Prince" books in every foreign language.

Patrícia helps to strengthen ScienceAtHome social media presence and engage online communities. She is busy with creating content for all online channels. Currently studying Digital Concept Development and Design. After long working hours, she relaxes her mind with sport: heading straight to the nearest gym or ice rink.


Jana Jarecki

Research fellow at the Economic Psychology Lab at the University Basel, Switzerland.

Research fellow at the Economic Psychology Lab at the University Basel, Switzerland.

Klaus Mølmer is a theoretical physicist and co-founder of the ScienceAtHome project–when it could still fit in a shoe box. Klaus develops solutions for quantum computing and he is beginning to get both excited and nervous that the assistance from all the players will bring him and his theory colleagues out of business.

Janet is a US Fulbright Fellow visiting researcher with degrees in Physics and Studio Art. She works on all things design related, co-maintains the ScienceAtHome website, and is currently developing physics visualizations. She bounces around between Aarhus, the Niels Bohr Institute, the United States, and any place else with good music, good art and good physics.