ScienceAtHome has its origins at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Aarhus University, and while we have branched out since our birth, we maintain a strong quantum presence.
As part of this, we have developed a number of quantum games and tools for citizen science, research, and education. Additionally, we are involved in a number of initiatives designed to allow students and other interested citizens to learn more about quantum mechanics and its applications and implications in today’s society and economy.
To learn more about our fundamental theoretical and experimental research in quantum physics, click here.

Featured event

You can be one of two representatives from Denmark to participate in a one-week academy to experience what is happening in quantum technology research right now - Read more!

Quantum Tools


Quantum Composer is an interactive tool for visualizing and simulating quantum mechanical concepts and systems. Find it here.


The QEngine is a numerical quantum simulation and optimization library written in the C++ programming language. Read more here

The Alice Framework

In 2016 we had the Alice challenge running where players were grouped together online to optimize solutions. These solutions were carried out in the experimental lab. 


Vlab is a virtual version of our laboratory in the basement at Aarhus University. Read more here

Quantum Blogs

AlphaZero learns to solve quantum problems
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Gamification of Quantum Optimal Control
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Quantum Games at ‘Science is Wonderful!’
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Joining forces in the name of science
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Quantum science turns social
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Quantum Initiatives

ERC Proof of Concept

The ScienceAtHome team has received support to understand and develop quantum education and training at the intersection of university and corporate needs. Read more here.


Quantum Education Flagship

This is under construction.

Please contact Carrie for more information.



Marie-Curie Training Network: QuSCo

Quantum-enhanced Sensing via Quantum Control. Read more here

Quantum Future Academy 2020

We are coordinating the Danish and Italian selection processes for the QFA 2020. Read more here.

Quantum Publications

Crowdsourcing human common sense for quantum control

This highlights the future potential for crowdsourcing the solution of quantum research problems.

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Global optimization of quantum dynamics with AlphaZero deep exploration

The first implementation of AlphaZero to quantum computer optimization

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Quantum Computing Gets a Boost From AI and Crowdsourcing

Can an online game that combines human brainpower with AI solve intractable problems?

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Remote optimization of an ultracold atoms experiment by experts and citizen scientists

Hundreds of citizen scientists and several teams of quantum scientists get access to optimizing our quantum experiment through a gamified remote interface.

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