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At ScienceAtHome we're building a media reference library around our citizen science games and research to help explain the work we do. Here's a sample as an introduction.

If you would like to see more, join our community on YouTube where we have curated playlists around our games and talks. 


Root Access

Root & Access podcast

Mike and the team speak to Jacob Sherson from ScienceAtHome about how quantum technologies promise to advance our society.

Science Friday

Jacob Sherson talks about the free computer game Quantum Moves, which gives anyone a chance to use “quantum intuition”.



Jacob Sherson talks to Danish Radio24syv in collaboration with the Carlsberg Foundation. (Danish).


Hybrid intelligence

Human intuition still has great power over computers. Hybrid intelligence combines the best of both. 

Quantum Moves 2 beta 

Check out the gameplay for the Quantum Moves 2 beta.

Quantum Intuition

Take a look at Science & Cocktails' video on Jacob Sherson's dream to build a Quantum Computer.


Play Turbulence and help our quest to unlock the mysteries of the “most important unsolved problem in classical physics”.

Potential Penguin

Potential Penguin explores the connections between potential and kinetic energy. Change the landscape and control the potential energy of  the penguin.

Skill Lab: Science Detective

Skill Lab is a collection of minigames that challenge your mind in different ways, allowing you to test your gaming brain skills against yourself and other people.

TEDx - Jacob Sherson

Jacob invites us into the world of quantum physics and explains how anyone can become a quantum physicist by playing computer games.

Building a quantum computer

Our stop motion film explains the nature of quantum computers and how your contribution can help physicists in cutting edge research. 

The Alice Experiment

Alice is a remote controlled physics experiment for opening up a modern quantum physics experiment to everyone.

Quantum Science turns social

What can a physicist and a social scientist work on together? Listen to the science talk!


In Rydbergator, you can play with a system of atoms, you can excite them in spatial patterns, and you can see how such patterns evolve with time.

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