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Quantum Future Academy 2020

AI learns to rule the quantum world

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This list includes quantum research-related press mentions in English and Danish about ScienceAtHome research.

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Do you like quantum mechanics?

Quantum Future Academy 2020 is one full week with company visits, lectures, workshops and networking.

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AlphaZero goes quantum

Demonstrates for the first time that the famous deep learning algorithm can be used to control quantum computer operations in state-of-the-art devices.

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Quantum physics turns social

Researchers develop a versatile remote interface to give citizen scientists control over a quantum gas experiment and start to unravel how humans solve problems.

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Kan du li' kvantemekanik?

Quantum Future Academy 2020 er en uge med virksomhedsbesøg, forelæsninger, workshops og netværkning.

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Kvantefysik går SoMe

Forskere giver citizen scientists live-adgang til et ultrakoldt kvantegas eksperiment og udforsker, hvordan mennesker løser komplekse problemer.

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