Quantum Future Academy 2020

Winners of the QFA2020 challenge!

The representatives from Denmark and Italy for the Quantum Future Academy have been found! 

Congratulations to the Danish winners Thomas Vedel Nørby from Aarhus University and Iñigo Lara from the University of Copenhagen.  

And to the Italien winners Sebastiano Covone from Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II and Marco Radaelli from Università degli Studi di Milano.

And a big thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge!

Watch the winners' video submissions below. You can also find the playlist with all the submitted videos here

Thomas Nørby, QFA 2020 Winner from Denmark
Marco Radaelli, QFA 2020 Winner from Italy
Iñigo Lara, QFA Winner 2020 from Denmark
Sebastiano Covone, QFA Winner 2020 from Italy

Quantum Future Academy 2020

As quantum technologies move out of research labs and into the real world, the challenges of engineering, development, and commercialization of these technologies become increasingly relevant. Those with ideas for such quantum commercial development must also keep in mind business models and markets for these technologies. The 2020 Quantum Future Academy (QFA) will foster this development by providing an overview of the current state-of-play regarding quantum technological research and development.

The Quantum Future Academy was going to take place on 1-7 November in Berlin. But due to the development of COVID-19 in Europe, the organizers of the QFA 2020 have decided to postpone the Academy until the year 2021. 

What is the QFA?

During the week of the Quantum Future Academy 2020, participants will visit world-leading companies and research institutes and hear talks and lectures by experts and entrepreneurs in the field. This will be coupled with interactive workshops, networking, and discussions with these experts, entrepreneurs, as well as political representatives. Finally, there will be a robust social program with evening events and excursions.

Transport to and from Berlin and Academy fees will be fully paid.

The application process

ScienceAtHome coordinated the Danish and Italian selection process for the Quantum Future Academy 2020. All participants had to complete a quantum challenge using world-class quantum visualization and simulation tools (Quantum Composer, SpinDrops, or IBM’s Qiskit) to explore a quantum scenario relevant to quantum research and technology development.

Quantum Composer



What to do for the challenge?

We sent out the specifics of the challenge to the eligible applicants on 1 August 2020, and the participants submitted a short video and report demonstrating their results by 1 September 2020. The applicants with the two best submissions were selected to attend the 2020 QFA in Berlin!

The selection committee of representatives from participating Danish universities:

Ulrich Busk Hoff (DTU): ulrich.hoff@fysik.dtu.dk 
Anders Sørensen (NBI/KU): anders.sorensen@nbi.ku.dk 
Sebastian Hofferberth (SDU): hofferberth@sdu.dk 
Jacob Sherson (AU): sherson@phys.au.dk 
Carrie Weidner (AU): cweidner@phys.au.dk

The successful participants has been notified.

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The organizers are keeping a close eye on the current COVID-19 pandemic and related travel and social distancing regulations. Due to the current development of COVID-19 in Europe, the organizers behind the QFA 2020 have decided to postpone the on-site Academy week until the year 2021.


QFA 2020