Aarhus Quantum Game Jam

We hope you are ready because ScienceAtHome has been working day and night to bring Quantum Game Jam 2015 to Århus! Yes, that’s right! One sleepless weekend, September 18th-20th , 50 fellow game-making enthusiasts, 10 hard core physicists swirling around to answer all your questions and the Science at Home team making you breakfast – this is a recipe for an unforgettable game-making marathon experience.

We believe that a lot of our readers are well acquainted with game jams, not only in theory but also in practice. However if you are anything like me one month ago, you might have a hard time understanding what the hell we are talking about. So, let’s start from the beginning.

Quantum what?

A quantum game jam is a gathering of game developers, programmers, design artists, physicists and others alike for the purpose of creating a game within a short period of time. In this case 48 hours. Exciting, right? That’s not all! Aarhus Quantum Game Jam is a part of a much larger initiative – Global Quantum Game Jam–organized by Games4Quantum, which means that our game jammers will become part of a global phenomenon. On September 18th-20th the same quantum game jam event will take place at multiple locations throughout the world.

Why a Quantum Game Jam?

It is the first time our team has decided to organize a game jamming event. How is a game jam related to science, you wonder? Well, we believe that it is a great opportunity to explain to people how the Science at Home games are developed and to show the benefits gamification can bring to science and research. Moreover, it is a great chance for meeting like-minded people and learn from one another.

Join us now!

Maybe you are a physicist who knows nothing about game development, or a game developer who knows nothing about quantum physics. It doesn’t matter! The beauty of this event is that we can all contribute to a larger picture. So, if you have knowledge in programming, graphics, audio or physics, don’t miss the opportunity.

The number of participants is limited so hurry up and register here.

Check out our website for more information and contact us on Facebook if you have any questions.



Aarhus Quantum Game Jam