April 2020 is Global Citizen Science Month!

Right now the whole world is battling the coronavirus. Governments, scientists and medical workers are doing their best to ensure the safety and health of the public. We thank them for their hard work.

In addition to following the guidelines of your country concerning for instance social distancing, you can actually do more to help stop the pandemic. We encourage you to check out some of the options to do so. And what better time to start or continue your citizen science journey than during Global Citizen Science Month! A whole month designed to focus on and facilitate all things citizen science-related.

For Corona-related citizen science, we recommend checking out this list for possible ways to contribute with information on the current state of the virus spread in your area. It includes surveys from different countries where you can help track symptoms that might be related to corona and surveys on how the pandemic is affecting you. If you’re wondering how difficult it is to make the hard decisions politicians have to make currently and what effect they might have, you can try out our new Corona Minister (prototype) game.

Although the virus is present almost everywhere these days, sometimes we just need something to take our mind off it. This is the perfect month to do so as there are lots of citizen science events and activities online that you can join and contribute to research in many different fields. Check it out on Scistarter’s website where they feature different projects and also have themed days like Online Citizen Science Games Day (April 17 - watch this space as we have a surprise for you that day!). Scistarter is a platform connecting citizen science projects with members of the public - you! You can search for projects by topic and try one that fits your interest!

Keep yourself updated on our upcoming online challenges on our page dedicated to it and on SciStarter.


April 2020 is Global Citizen Science Month!