Calling all Citizen Scientists, we need you!

Skill Lab: Science Detective is a detective story that takes place on a university campus. As a player, you are the detective who helps scientists at the university solve the mystery of the strange events happening in their laboratories. With Skill Lab: Science Detective we want to create cognitive profiles based on different cognitive skills to understand better how people solve problems, make decisions, and work together. To achieve this, we are taking two steps: First, we will be combining the games with psychological tasks. This will ensure that the games are good for understanding cognitive skills. The second step is to use the data from the first step to give you a cognitive profile as well as the type of player you are based on your skills.

Why are there cognitive tasks between the games in Skill Lab: Science Detective?

The first phase of Skill Lab: Science Detective is a calibration phase. When you play the game you are asked to complete a number of cognitive tasks. These tasks are important because we need to be sure the games are providing reliable data for understanding cognitive skills. In addition, we will use the data from the first phase to provide you with a cognitive profile and a player profile based on your skills.

We know that the tasks outside of the gameplay are time-consuming and less entertaining than the game itself. However, we are placing our faith in your dedication as a player and trust you won’t skip the tests! In addition to the heartwarming feeling of contributing to science, the game provides entertainment through a fun, mystery-driven story that can be solved by engaging with different in-game characters. Within a few months, we hope to provide you with the cognitive profile and your player type based on your gaming skills.

Once we have received enough completed gameplays, the first step in providing feedback to you is the game profile. This is a profile of how you have performed in different games, informing you, for example, how fast were you able to accelerate a particle in Megumi’s particle accelerator. This profile should be ready within the first few months of the game's release. We need to make a number of calculations to ensure we are providing you with reliable feedback. We will also supply a diploma of participation as proof of your contribution to science and to reveal the type of detective you are!

As a second step, we will work on the cognitive player profiles. This is a complicated process and requires a few months to complete the initial calculations. The player profile is based on complex theories and mathematical models, aiming to see how different skills interact in different games. We will let you know when the model is completed, and when you will be able to view your cognitive player profile at

We hope that the potential of these profiles will encourage you to complete the tasks in Skill Lab: Science Detective. Please stay in touch for updates.

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Thanks again for supporting our work. Your help is invaluable to our Citizen science project!


Calling all Citizen Scientists, we need you!