Crystal Crop Fever is back!

We have an exciting game ready to play now! Help us discover how humans collaborate when solving problems.

In Crystal Crop Fever your job is to find the most valuable crystal on the highest peak in a hidden landscape. You need to locate the peaks hiding the crystals and their values. It is your intuition and choice of strategy we are interested in. There is a limited amount of rounds so you have to optimize how you search!

Underneath what the players see is a hidden landscape with the different peaks.

The game includes both a multiplayer and a single-player option. It enables us to look into which types of problems are best to work on alone and which ones are better to collaborate on. We want to know how players’ cognitive abilities cooperate when they collectively have to solve a task. For instance, when does the sharing of knowledge between group members lead to better results?

Maybe you have played our prototype of Crystal Crop Fever we used to have on our games page? That means you have helped test the game and the technologies behind it to make the new build provide a much better experience. Try it out and have fun finding crystals with others while contributing to science!

Where would you look for valuable crystals next?

Play Crystal Crop Fever!


Crystal Crop Fever is back!