New start, new guests

Noisy student groups indicate the kick-start of the next school year at our headquarters at Aarhus University. It also means that the academic life gets busy again with renewed forces: this is the time for new ideas, new collaborations, new researches.

On 24th August, Friday, a new friend, Sebastian Risi visited us from the IT University of Copenhagen. He's an Artificial Intelligence researcher who aims to make machines more adaptive and creative. This time around, he honored us with his presence in Aarhus and gave a talk to our whole grope about his latest work: "Teaching Embodied Agents through Human-Machine Collaborations".

Sebastian visit

A part of the ScienceAtHome team is listening to Sebastian

Our team was greatly inspired by the possibilities presented by Sebastian regarding evolutionary algorithms and new ways for humans and machines to collaborate to create complex agent behaviors.

We wish everyone a great school year, filled with the love of learning, science and new discoveries!


New start, new guests