Online science events coming up!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of science events are happening remotely these days. And although we miss being physically present, giving talks and having discussions, we are experiencing a time full of virtual alternatives that allow other opportunities to arise.

It has never been easier to promote a science festival because the link to a signup form is now the ticket allowing people to join from their own home. No geographical distance separates you from being enlightened by cutting-edge researchers from all over the world. A computer with an internet connection is all the equipment you need. Since we ourselves hold an online gaming platform, we have always enjoyed the opportunities to spread love, inspiration, and awareness for science research via the internet and online games. Now we want to highlight some science events that you can join remotely from home!

First of all, Digital Science Days are going on right now! From Oct 19 - Nov 29, you can participate in an online festival celebrating science and technology. We have two talks on Nov 10th and 12th “The Quantum Trilogy” exploring three different aspects of quantum science with Carrie Weidner. Find all the information on this page

We also recommend checking out all the other initiatives during these days on the Digital Science Days event calendar.

The second event we look forward to very soon is the European Quantum Week! From Nov 2-10 the European Quantum Flagship has organized an amazing week with talks and presentations for the future of Europe within the field of Quantum Technologies. The founder of ScienceAtHome, Jacob Sherson, will be one of four leading quantum scientists in a talk on Nov 4th about each of their research in quantum technology. This specific talk is in Danish but check out the talks all over Europe here.

The second quantum revolution is starting! Get an idea of what that means in this brief video as a warm-up to the talks.

With this blog, we hope to have inspired you to check out some of these cool future events and talks. The online format is not perfect but it provides everyone with the opportunity to learn more and participate in science! And that is something we like!


Online science events coming up!