Thank you Carlos for your work

Since May 2016, Carlos Diaz has been a part of the ScienceAtHome team. It has been four years of amazing work with big developments in our organization. Now, Carlos is exploring new opportunities and we want to thank him for being a big part of our journey and of course of Skill Lab: Science Detective.

Carlos was hired as a psychologist to work on the Skill Lab game. The idea to measure players’ abilities needed to be carefully designed and Carlos had previous experience with a similar small scale version of it during his studies. It made him perfect for developing the psychological framework behind Skill Lab: Science Detective and the design of the mini-games.

He made sure there was a link between the psychological assessments of abilities and the gamified assessments of skills. It is crucial for the validity of the game that we actually measure what we think we are measuring and that it is comparable with known psychological tests.

Carlos has been a great asset for the ScienceAtHome team, being the only postdoc with a Psychology background. He was also involved with analyzing the players of Quantum Moves, hypothesis generation for the new Crea project, and development of an educational track for ReGAME.

Mads Kock, our coordinator of Data Science, has worked closely with Carlos since he began his journey at ScienceAtHome.

Mads points out how Carlos was a thorough and knowledgeable team member. On top of that, he was always willing to go into a deep discussion on a topic and open to new perspectives on how to test an idea.

“I learned a lot about psychological science and methods working with Carlos.” - Mads Kock

We have been very lucky to have Carlos in our organization and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

Do you want to learn more about Carlos and his work? Check out his blog post on improving gaming experience by using psychology:


Thank you Carlos for your work