Quantum Minds

Quantum Minds peeks into your mind when you play a game based on the laws of quantum physics. Help us figure out how anyone can become a quantum physicist by playing games!




Quantum Minds studies the human learning process as a player encounters gamified quantum physics problems. How do people to solve the quantum challenge with little or no training in physics? Play Quantum Minds to help us answer this question! If you are new to our quantum games, you can also check out Quantum Moves here!

The goal of Quantum Minds is to play through four levels of increasing difficulty. To unlock the next level, you must completed the current three times in a row. This is no easy task, so don't be easily discouraged! Also remember that every attempt is valuable data to scientists; here the journey is truly more interesting than the final destination.

Quantum Minds is a collaborative project between physicists and cognitive scientists. We are interested in seeing how players progress as they play the game. We will look for "bottlenecks", the parts of the game (and hence the underlying physics problem!) that pose the biggest challenges for the players, and study how players overcome them. Besides contributing to cognitive learning theories, getting a deeper understanding of the human problem solving will help scientists create better algorithms for solving quantum problems.

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