Quantum Future Academy 2020

What is the Quantum Future Academy?

In 2018, Germany established the Quantum Future Academy (QFA) with the goal of introducing students in Germany to the future potentials offered by quantum technologies. The Academy was continued in 2019 as a joint effort between Germany and France. In 2020, this amazing opportunity is opening up to students from around Europe!

Students selected to attend the 2020 QFA will receive a fully-funded trip to Berlin, where from 1-7 November they will participate in a series of events designed to foster their interest in quantum research, technology, and entrepreneurship as it relates to this exciting field. Participants will attend lectures and presentations given by leading European researchers and entrepreneurs. This, coupled with interactive workshops, tours of companies and research laboratories, and evening social events, will allow participants to learn about the current cutting-edge of quantum R&D and build a fantastic network of European quantum connections. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for students interested in building a career in the burgeoning field of quantum technologies!

This sounds awesome! How do I apply?

ScienceAtHome is coordinating the Danish and Italian selection processes for the 2020 QFA as a part of our efforts with the EU Quantum Education Coordination and Support Action and our recent ERC Proof of Concept program geared towards training the next generation, quantum-savvy workforce. We have developed a unique application process that is sure to challenge and entertain quantum enthusiasts. Readers of this blog studying in other European countries should apply through their respective country’s application process.

To apply in Denmark, you are ideally a student finishing a Bachelor’s or starting a Master’s degree in the natural sciences. You should have some training in quantum mechanics, as this is necessary to get the most out of the Academy. To apply in Italy, follow this link.

The initial application is easy. Simply fill out this brief, 5-minute survey by 28 July 2020 in order to indicate your interest. Eligible applicants will then be e-mailed a quantum challenge on 1 August 2020. This quantum challenge will allow applicants to spend a day exploring the wonders of the quantum world with their choice of three cutting-edge simulation tools: the Quantum Composer developed at Aarhus University, the SpinDrops tool developed at TU-Munich, and IBM’s Qiskit tool. Applicants can choose to either explore a pre-defined challenge provided by us, or they can explore something relevant to their own research projects!

In order to communicate the results of their explorations to us, applicants should produce a short 4-6 minute video and a 2-4 page report detailing what they found during the challenge. These should be submitted to us by 1 September 2020. A selection committee comprised of professors and postdocs at the participating Danish universities will then review the applications and select two winners, who will be notified by 7 September 2020.

We look forward to receiving your application!



Quantum Future Academy 2020