Try out the Jam’s cat games!

What a weekend! Despite the tiredness due to 48 hours of jamming, our final ceremony featured happy faces, funny cats and laughs…

Let’s go global

The Global Quantum Game Jam’s main site was at the Finnish Science Centre, Heureka. But that was not it: satellite events were held in Turku (Finland), Campinas (Brazil), Tempe (US) and… in Aarhus! Some participants even gathered online and joined the highly creative jam from home. With no less than 28 games, it has, for sure, been a very productive weekend.

Allan Kirkeby about Demo scene and Game Jams

Allan Kirkeby about Demo scene and Game Jams

Aarhus Quantum Jam 2015

In Aarhus, our event started with Pinja’s talk about the basic principles of quantum physics. We then gave the floor to Kristian and Anders, who familiarized our participants with a toolbox they could use to build their games. Finally, we had the privilege to hear our keynote speaker, Allan Kirkeby from Unity Studios (read more on this post). Allan showed us how game-making enthusiasts spent their free time a few decades back. The early Demo scene and Game Jams have a lot in common. Indeed, both of them gave birth to many great ideas and talents.

Our motivated participants, nurtured by those great insights, were ready for the marathon upcoming. However, they could not start without hearing Sam Lake from Remedy Entertainment expressing how awesome the Quantum Game Jam is. Our jammers also needed some guidelines, and for that, the themes were globally announced. This year, all the quantum jammers had to play around with “Quantum Rules” and “Citizen Science”. The jam’s kick-off was then made official by Lars and the groups started to tackle the challenge.

Cats to encourage citizen science

You probably have noticed that cats are (almost) everywhere on the internet. Well, they also decided to join our jamming party: they are featured in our two winning games – Aarhus edition!
You have now exclusive access to the games in their alpha version because we want you to select the best game. So fire away! Try them both and let us hear what you think. Remember that you are always helping science while playing our games.

Schrödingers Milk Adventure or Quantum Ping Pong: vote for your favorite HERE! (UPDATE: The voting has been closed down)

A special thanks to our participants and sponsors for an awesome Quantum Game Jam.


Try out the Jam’s cat games!